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quit evolving ideas into reality

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BS-40 Semi Automatic Wet Glue Labelling Machine


Brothers Pharmamach, the Pioneer manufacturers of Labelling Machines in India have introduced India's First, Versatile Semi Automatic Wet Glue Labelling Machine Model BS-40 in 1990. The Machine is developed for use of the customers requiring lower rate of production for their round bottles/containers, where Automatic Labelling Machine are not economical. No Change Parts required for Label size and Bottle Size, the change over time for Bottle as well as for Label size is couple of minutes.

Machine is suitable for Labelling on Round Bottles, Jars, Tins, Cans, Containers and other round objects. It is capable of Labelling up to 40 units per minute depending on products and label size. Machine with more than 500 satisfied customers in India and Abroad.

Operation of Machine is so Simple and Easy, Operator is required to Feed the Bottle and machine applies the label on it, after labelling operation operator can pick up the bottle. Cleaning of the machine requires very little time and skill which operator required to do in routine after each operation

Flame Proof and Larger Models for the specific needs of the customers are also available. The Machine comes with Foot operated switch to release the Label for labelling and also comes with an optional Electronic Label Pick Up system for the ease of operation of Labelling.


Container Diameter 40 mm to 150 mm*
Height of Container 35 mm to 260 mm*
Label Width 25 mm to 160 mm*
Label Length 90 mm to 325 mm*
Electrical 415 VAC Three Phase Power Supply (50 Hz)
Power 0.25 Hp
Speed Upto 40 Labels per minute (Depending on skill of operator)
Bottle Change Over 2 to 3 Minutes Time
Label Change Over 3 to 5 Minutes Time
Label Magazine Capacity 200 Labels Appx.
Overall Dimensions 715 mm (L) x 715 mm (W) x 460 mm (H)
*Bigger Version can take Label Width 220mm and Length 525mm or you can order special machine as per your sizes.
* Specification can be changed as per customers requirements


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